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Bly Studio and
“Danmarks næste Klassiker”

We have formed a collaboration with Bly Studio to elaborate on the designs that the young design duo creates in the 2022 season of “Denmark’s next Classic”.

Founders of Bly Studio

Bly Studio consists of two young female designers, Eva Fly and Anne Brandhøj. We will publish an article about each of their six designs where we reveal more details about the thoughts and ideas behind the designs than are shown on TV. We will also make a climate screening of the products and comment on the choices of materials as well as give our view on how the products may be developed to lower their climate footprint.

The TV show can be watched on DR1 and DRTV every Tuesday for 6 weeks from January 4th. In the show, we follow five upcoming designers who are challenged to design and create six pieces of furniture in six different categories having three weeks for each. Two well respected and professional judges decide who wins each category and what product wins the title as Danmarks næste Klassiker.

6 designs

Article 1
The sofa

“They wanted the sofa to be a beautiful piece of furniture that one would want to have in the living room, because they have a prejudice about sleeping couches often being worse sofas in both comfort and aesthetics because of the extra functionality (…).”

Article 2
The stool

“Eva and Anne are inspired by the classic Monobloc chair, which is the white plastic garden chair, we all know. This piece of simple furniture is both loved and hated because while it is not very pretty, it is perfected in regards to material use, form, durability, function and price (…).”

Article 3
The chair

“They chose to make a wooden chair because they felt like the room needed to be added some warm elements in contrast to the otherwise quite rough concrete and steel architecture (…).”

Article 4
The lamp

“Eva and Anne had a very spontaneous and intuitive approach to this design process. They were folding paper in all kinds of shapes until they suddenly came across a model that they thought could work (…).”

Article 5
The home office

“Eva and Anne saw themselves as the the target group for such a piece of furniture, since they are among those who have worked from home. They both experienced the challenges of creating a comfortable work station with their laptops, which led to their own primary criterion for this design: good ergonomics (…).”

Article 6
The easy chair

“Eva and Anne succeeded in making a really voluminous and very comfortable chair that invites you to sit in it in various ways and which can even be flat packed to a third of its size. It is innovative in its shape, colors and material selection. The judges called it the Sports Cake of furniture, and they awarded it the winning design of the category.”

Danmarks Næste Klassiker
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