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Services and Prices

As part of being transparent, we will present you with our service packages and prices on this page.
We offer three main cooperation models.

940 € per month


  • Unlimited acces to our screening tool
  • Unlimited number of users (within your company)
  • Personal training of one user
  • Unlimited acces to videotutorials

With this access, you can:

  • Calculate the climate emissions of specific products/materials/designs
  • Simulate alternative “what if”-analysis covering:
    • Material selection
    • Production location
    • Production waste optimization
    • Packaging optimization
    • Transportation method
  • Receive easy to communicate results

In short, the tool gives you knowledge and insights into the climate impact of any product, material and process decision you might consider.

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175 € per hour


Related to product development

This option includes subjects such as:

  • Material selection
  • Production method optimization
  • Supplier selection
  • Etc.
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1250 € per product

Single product screenings

This option is relevant if you only wish to get results on one or a few selected products

If you select this option:

  • Målbar will send you questionnaires to answer
  • Målbar will make the screening(s) for you
  • Målbar will send you the results
  • You will not get access to our screening tool
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6750 € per production site (3 year period)

Onboarding of your suppliers

To onboard your suppliers means that we make a climate screening of their production facilities and incorporate the data into our screening tool.
Due to our rather conservative estimates, knowing the exact conditions relating to your products this will provide more accurate screenings.


  • Gives you an insight of your supply chain and the environmental impact of a specific supplier
  • You will most often see a reduction in climate impact of products from the onboarded supplier(s)
  • Improved relations between you and your supplier(s)
  • Our recommendations to the supplier(s) on climate optimizing production initiatives
  • Possibility for more responsible made products for you and your customers in the future


  • You decide which supplier(s) you want to have onboarded and agree with them on the process
  • We provide information targeted the supplier and offer consultation as well
  • When you and your supplier have an agreement, we take over the task of gathering the necessary data and calculating the climate footprint of the production facilities

Timeline with prices


    Interested in:

    By submitting your information, you give Målbar permission to save it temporarily. We will only use your information to contact you in order to determine how we can help you.
    For more information, see our private policy.

    Advisor for GCO

    Målbar is verified to be advisor for the Danish project GCO – Grøn Cirkulær Omstilling (Green Circular Transition). GCO is a national project that develops and implements green and circular business models in small and medium-sized enterprises across industries in Denmark.

    This means that you have the opportunity to receive our guidance and access to our tool if you apply and are approved for a GCO course or project.

    We are on a mission – we start with climate change

    Sustainability is a large word, that covers multiple aspects of environmental implications.

    At MÅLBAR, we have decided to start focusing on the climate change measured by CO2-e, as we see this as the main driver for several of the environmental challenges, we all face.

    We are very well aware of all the other aspects and look forward to be bringing measurable data into these discussions too in the future.

    We are on a mission – we start with climate change.

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