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Bly Studio: The lamp

Denmark’s next Classic 2022
Challenge no. 4

In the fourth episode of Denmark’s next Classic, the participants are going to create a lamp. A reading lamp for the bedroom that can be used by one person without disturbing the partner. Ideally, it should have a dim light effect so that it can light the room just enough for one to get up for a glass of water in the middle of the night.

Episode 4

January 25th

Category: Lamp

The idea
Eva and Anne had a very spontaneous and intuitive approach to this design process. They were folding paper in all kinds of shapes until they suddenly came across a model that they thought could work. Then they started developing this model and in the end made it into a very beautiful, functional and innovative piece of design.

The lamp is intended to be placed on the wall in the center over a twin bed. It has the ability to give light to both users or one at a time. By placing it in the center instead of on the side, the light is turned away from the partner but still towards the user. This was their own primary criterion. And from their invention of the function – the visual design almost created itself.

The construction
The lampshade is made from plastic and covered with paper. The wooden panel is made from pine and has the function of holding the lampshade in place in different positions. The lampshade can be opened to different degrees. The light coming from it, when it is opened a little bit is warm and low, while it becomes colder and brighter the more you open it up.

It is designed to be a tactile experience to turn the lamp on and off. There is no button you can press, instead you slide it open and on by manipulating the flexible lampshade. The idea is that the body will experience and remember the movement to regulate the light. It is also designed to be a beautiful sculptural object that can be enjoyed during the day – even when it is turned off.

The result
The two designers succeeded in creating a complex product with many functionalities in a simple and sculptural design. Basically, you have two separate and separately controlled lamps in one, gorgeous outfit. The judges chose it as the winning design, and thereby gave Bly Studio their second podium place. Congratulations!

Climate footprint

Once again, Eva and Anne have designed for disassembly so that the product can easily be taken apart and sorted into materials. Also, it is possible to take off the back panel and replace the LED light source.

The lampshade consisting of plastic, paper and some glue including the wooden and wax treated panel has a footprint of approximately 3 kilos of CO2e.

The back panel made from aluminum and acrylic including cable make out for about 24 kilos of CO2e.

The light sources have an estimated climate footprint of 8 kilos of CO2e.

Packaging, transport and maintenance constitutes 1,5 kilos of CO2e

Since it is a power consuming product, we need to include the climate footprint of the use phase. With an average use time of 1000 hours per year in the EU it is about 32 kilos of CO2e during a lifetime of 15 years.

In total, we have estimated the lamp’s climate impact to be 70 kilos of CO2e during 15 years.

The future of the lamp
Before the lamp will be put into production, Eva and Anne want to do some research into which materials would be optimal for the flexible parts of the design and also most sustainable. Furthermore, the internal electronic and technical parts need to be further developed.


These two graphics illustrate how the CO2e emissions are distributed between the included elements of the lamp and what the impact corresponds to in everyday activities.

A young design duo

Founders of Bly Studio

Bly Studio is founded by two young female designers, Eva Fly and Anne Brandhøj. With a common background as furniture designers from The Royal Academy of Design in Copenhagen, Eva and Anne work with furniture design with a strong sense of functionality and they always strive to create memorable visual expressions. The studio focuses on designing high quality furniture for both the contract and retail market.

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