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Our team

Our team consists of our two dedicated founders, four passionate full-time employees and four indispensable student assistants.
Below, you can read more about us and find our contact information.

Jakob Aaen - MÅLBAR

Jakob Aaen

Co-founder, Head of Commercial activities

Educated in corporate economy and management and with 12 years of experience in various commercial roles in the global Furniture and Design industry.

Jakobs role in MÅLBAR is to secure commercial excellence together for our customers as well as business development and the spread of MÅLBAR within our industry.
+45 41 11 31 10

Anders Koefoed - MÅLBAR

Anders Koefoed

Co-founder, Head of Analytics and Data

Educated as a Mechanical Engineer and with +30 years of experience within product development in various industries including +10 years in the Furniture and Design industry with both product Development and Life Cycle Assessments.

Anders focuses on the development of our tool, the precision and collection of data and the promotion of new materials.
+45 28 18 52 46

Medarbejder Lærke

Lærke Vibe Retbøll Christensen

Communications Coordinator (on maternity leave)

Lærke has a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University and a special interest in and passion for communicating environmental change and sustainability. She specializes in conveying knowledge about sustainability and green transition. At Målbar, she is responsible for our external communication including the development of video tutorials on how to use our screening tool.

Medarbejder Morten

Morten Gulbrant Sørensen

Environmental Engineer

Morten is educated in Environmental Engineering and specialized in all aspects of Life Cycle Assessment. At MÅLBAR, Morten works as a consultant facilitating results and with quantifying the supply chain with focus on production. His professional ambition is to be part of the sustainable solution as an active participant accelerating the green transition.
+45 20 86 06 39

Medarbejder Sasisa

Sasisa Singarasah Bylov

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Sasisa has a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Copenhagen Business School. She has more than 7 years of experience within sales and marketing in the furniture & design industry.

At Målbar, Sasisa is responsible for maintaining our website, external communication and coordinating marketing activities with our customers.
+45 25 65 02 02

Medarbejder Daniel

Daniel Matthaeus Krisa

Environmental Engineer

Daniel has a MSc. degree in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He specialized in Life Cycle Assessment and Wastewater Treatment. At Målbar, he is responsible for data verification. His ambition is to do his part for the green transition and to ensure that every company receives the opportunity to assess and improve their environmental impact.

Medarbejder Cecilie

Cecilie Holm Arentoft

BSc. Environmental Engineering

Cecilie studies a MSc. in Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark and works at MÅLBAR focusing on developing our tool by collecting and screening data of new materials.

Medarbejder Nele

Nele Teutloff

BSc. Molecular Biotechnology

Nele studies a MSc. in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. At MÅLBAR, she is responsible for CO2e-footprint calculations for chemicals and is committed to drive social and ecological change.

Medarbejder Gritt

Gritt Cortnum Andersen

BSc. Sustainable Biotechnology

Gritt studies a MSc. in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark with a specialization in Environmental Chemistry. At MÅLBAR, she is collecting and screening data for their CO2e-footprints and is currently writing her master thesis on the subject.

Medarbejder Filippo

Filippo Guatri

Project Assistant

Filippo is attending an MSc in Sustainable Energy with a specialization on Energy Systems Analysis, focusing on both modelling and sustainability aspects. At Målbar, he works with energy mixes and their CO2e-footprint data collection.

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