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Our team

Our team consists of our two dedicated founders, six passionate full-time employees and five indispensable project assistants.
Below, you can read more about us and find our contact information.

Jakob Aaen - MÅLBAR

Jakob Aaen

Co-founder, Head of Commercial activities

Educated in corporate economy and management and with 12 years of experience in various commercial roles in the global Furniture and Design industry.

Jakobs role in MÅLBAR is to secure commercial excellence together for our customers as well as business development and the spread of MÅLBAR within our industry.

Read more about Jakob here
+45 41 11 31 10

Anders Koefoed - MÅLBAR

Anders Koefoed

Co-founder, Head of Analytics and Data

Educated as a Mechanical Engineer and with +30 years of experience within product development in various industries including +10 years in the Furniture and Design industry with both product Development and Life Cycle Assessments.

Anders focuses on the development of our tool, the precision and collection of data and the promotion of new materials.
+45 28 18 52 46

Medarbejder Lærke

Lærke Vibe Retbøll Christensen

Communications Coordinator (on maternity leave)

Lærke has a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University and a special interest in and passion for communicating environmental change and sustainability. She specializes in conveying knowledge about sustainability and green transition. At Målbar, she is responsible for our external communication including the development of video tutorials on how to use our screening tool.

Medarbejder Morten

Morten Gulbrant Sørensen

Head of Operations

Morten is educated in Environmental Engineering and specialized in all aspects of Life Cycle Assessment. At MÅLBAR, Morten works as a consultant facilitating results and with quantifying the supply chain with focus on production. His professional ambition is to be part of the sustainable solution as an active participant accelerating the green transition.

Read more about Morten here
+45 20 86 06 39

Medarbejder Sasisa

Sasisa Singarasah Bylov

Head of Communications & PR

Sasisa has a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Copenhagen Business School. She has more than 7 years of experience within sales and marketing in the furniture & design industry.

At Målbar, Sasisa is responsible for maintaining our website, external communication and coordinating marketing activities with our customers.

Read more about Sasisa here
+45 25 65 02 02

Christian from Målbar

Christian Hagelskær Højlund

Head of Business Development

Christian has a Master in Economics from Aarhus University. For about 10 years he has been working with retail business analyses and business development in the fashion and furniture industry.

At Målbar, Christian is responsible for our OEF (organizational environmental footprint) development and implementation. OEF will help companies map their total emissions, so they can report their emissions correctly and make changes that matters for the green transition.

Read more about Christian here
+45 41 21 02 02

Natasha Mautone Målbar

Natasha Mautone

Graphic Designer

Natasha has a professional bachelors degree in visual communication from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

She has a great passion for sustainability and being a part of the green transition.

At Målbar she is supporting the communications team in managing the visual communication on all platforms.

Read more about Natasha here

Medarbejder Daniel

Daniel Matthaeus Krisa

Environmental Engineer

Daniel has a MSc. degree in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He specialized in Life Cycle Assessment and Wastewater Treatment. At Målbar, he is responsible for data verification. His ambition is to do his part for the green transition and to ensure that every company receives the opportunity to assess and improve their environmental impact.


Pablo Villaizan Marin

Consultant in Sustainable Production

Pablo holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and Bachelor’s degree in General Engineering and Business Administration.

During his master’s, he specialized in Architectural Engineering with a focus on sustainability and Circular Economy.

At Målbar, Pablo is responsible for the verification of the screenings. His professional ambition is to be a driving force for change towards a more sustainable society.

Arvind Chauhan

Arvind Chauhan

BSc. Environmental Engineering

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Arvinds specialization is in Environmental Management with an emphasis on Life cycle assessment, MRIO (Multi-Regional Input & Output) LCA, absolute sustainability assessment, and impact assessment. 
In addition, his experience includes project management for airport construction over a 4-year period, as well as environmental impact assessments (EIAs).

At Målbar Arvind will assist in project development, customer climate screenings, and onboarding of customers’ suppliers.

Read more about Arvind here

Line Egestad Målbar

Line Egestad

BSc. Environmental Engineering

Line studies a MSc. In Environmental Engineering at the Technical university of Denmark and specializes in management of residual resources generated by human waste.

At Målbar, she works on screening data.

Read more about Line here

Medarbejder Nele

Nele Teutloff

BSc. Molecular Biotechnology

Nele studies a MSc. in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. At MÅLBAR, she is responsible for CO2e-footprint calculations for chemicals and is committed to drive social and ecological change.

Read more about Nele here

Marie Skov

Marie Skov Andersen

BSc. Environmental Engineering

Marie studies a MSc. in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, where she focuses on residual resources and Life Cycle Assessments.

At MÅLBAR, she works on screening data for CO2e-footprints.

Read more about Marie here

Neeraj Tripathi

Neeraj Tripathi

BSc. Environmental Engineering

Neeraj studies MSc. in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, with a focus on Environmental Management, Residual Resource Engineering and Environmental Chemistry.

Prior to joining MÅLBAR, Neeraj worked at Fraunhofer ICT, Germany and Lund University, Sweden as a research assistant.

At MÅLBAR, Neeraj works on LCAs and screening data.

Read more about Neeraj here

Jean-Baptiste Bringuier

Jean-Baptiste Bringuier

BSc. Environmental Engineering

Jean-Baptiste is at his last year of engineering school in advanced mechanics. He specializes in Innovative and Sustainable Materials. His previous experiences have been rather devoted to the design, modeling, simulation and testing of materials for products or new systems.

At Målbar Jean-Baptiste will identify the implicit links of the tool so that users are not mistaken, this concerns for example processes that involve some materials and not others.

His personal objective is both to acquire a lot of knowledge in materials and processes and at the same time he is delighted to be able to combine this with life cycle analysis and therefore with an environmental challenge.

Read more about Jean-Baptiste here

Leonor from Målbar

Leonor Berger Cabral

BSc. Equipment Design

Leonor is completing her final thesis for her MSc. in Materials and Recycling, where she focuses in sustainable materials and Life Cycle Assessments. With her background in product design, she looks forward to apply her scientific expertise to the development of sustainable industrial design.

At Målbar Leonor assists in CO2e- footprint screenings for customers, onboarding of suppliers and the development of other projects.

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