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The overall purpose with our tool is to provide our business with a user friendly and accessible tool to calculate the total climate impact of products and delivering results that live up to the standards and laws on the area so that they can be compared correctly with other product screenings of the same high standard.

Additionally the tool contains several other useful resolutions.

Our tool


As consumers, we are overloaded with sustainability claims about products. It is often challenging to evaluate whether the claims make a real difference for the sustainability of the product. Too many claims are based more on beliefs or expectations than on real facts.

With our screening tool, you will be able to measure the climate footprint of each of your products as well as make alternative screenings, showing you what concrete difference your green initiatives and sustainable product development will have on our climate.

This is a highly valuable element of our tool because the demands for documentation and proof of our sustainable claims are increasing. Fortunately – because it helps prevent greenwashing.

Compare – the power of benchmarking

In the output package from our services, you can compare the climate footprint of your product with other products and services and even with relevant benchmarks from other categories.

We are on a mission to bring data and data knowledge to the broad audience, but not many are able to relate to a given amount of CO2-e

but we can all relate to the comparison with kilometers driven in a family car, cups of café latte or hours of streaming.

When we have data, and we start familiarizing ourselves with it, then it becomes valuable and usable for everybody.

Average car Kilometers Red steak Piece(s) 300g steak Flight Kilometers Streaming Hours Power Days powering(Avg. home) Sustainable living % weekly sustainableemissions per person Heating Days heating(Avg. home) Coffee Large Café Latte(s) 32 0.65 27 42 2.3 18 0.89 20.2
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