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Screening Tool

You can control, what you can measure

Our screening tool is user-friendly, simple on the outside, complex and detailed on the inside.
You don’t need an engineering degree to benefit from our tool, on the contrary actually.

 3-Level Process

Our tool is build to deliver results i 3 levels. All dependant on availability of data.

Level 1

Calculate on component weights combined with business average data.

Level 2

Level 2 is further enriched with precise transport information as well as waste details from production.

Level 3

Level 3 is further enriched with detailed production information and requires a strong cooperation throughout the supply chain.

Screening based on component Level 1Weights Climate emissions from the con-sumption of materials like, woods, metals, plastics, foams, textiles and surface treatment are given when their weight is keyed in.The calculation automatically includes average production waste and material transport Average production emissions from energy, ressources and material waste disposal is based on the coice of productioncountry Carbon credit for bio carbon isautomatically subtracted Waste emissions are automatical-ly calculated based on average furniture waste in the EU Use phase, cleaning etc Transport of supplier to stock and stock to end customer Emissions from packaging and average EU packaging disposal CO 2 -e 7,006,005,004,003,002,001,000-1,00 Disposal Use phase Transport Packaging Production Cover Upholstery Surface treatment Materials Carbon storage
Improve screening with waste and shipping Level 2Waste Improve screening withdetailed productioninformation Level 3Production Calculation of the accurate material waste in collaboration with the production Correct production energy and ressour-ces consumption + waste Detailed shipping Supplier information about packaging waste

Our general approach when using average data is very conservative, which means that in most cases a Level 1 screening will present a higher CO2-e emission on a product compared to a Level 2 or 3 screening. The better the data we input into the tool, the higher precision we get.

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