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October 19, 2023

Målbar study on carpets

Have you ever thought about how wall-to-wall carpets are made? What they are made from? What do companies do with them when warn out? We were quite surprised of how many layers such carpets consist of when we started to…

August 15, 2023

Reuse vs. recycling

Lately, Målbar has been focusing on the benefits of reuse compared to recycling. But what are the differences really and what are the effects of doing one or the other? In short, we can say that reuse maintains the item’s…

Danish Design Award - Winner 2021
November 27, 2021

We won Danish Design Award

YES! We won! If you were in Copenhagen last week, you probably heard our ROAR of excitement when we won the DDA in the Category: Game Changer! We’re happy and proud, but also very humble that you all have trusted…

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