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Product Environmental Footprint

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Product Environmental Footprint

New PEF rules

New rules on climate footprint calculations
The European Commission presented an unexpected Christmas gift on December 16th: new, updated rules on how to calculate environmental footprints from products. The European Commission have informed us directly that there are several changes to the guide document from 2018, which we base our tool on.

New legislation coming
The Commission states that one of the reasons for updating is:

The use of the Environmental Footprint methods is already foreseen in the context of EU policies and legislation such as the Taxonomy Regulation, the Sustainable Batteries Initiative and the Green Consumption Pledge.

To save you the rest of the document reading, we are now busy with understanding and implementing the updated calculation rules in our screening tool. We are working together with Bureau Veritas to interpret and concretize the content of it, which has shown to be a significant workload that we need some time to get through.

The new set of rules constitutes a very important step in the development of the PEF methodology, as it is now formally ready to be used for legislation within the EU. Furthermore, this less ambiguous and up-to-date methodology should accelerate PEF in comparison to other LCA standards.

For anybody nerdy enough to dare dive into detail, the 200 pages long document is to be found here (choose annex 1 to 2).


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