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Academic studies – ordinary articles

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On this page, you can find articles about studies that we have conducted on different specialists topics. They give an insight into specialist areas, but they are short and easy to read.


March xxth 2022

What is the climate impact of electric products? How can it be calculated? Our subscribers might have noticed that our electronics section in our screening tool differ from the other material sections because it doesn’t consist of materials, but components. The insides of electronic products are constituted by small electronic parts that consists of many tiny components that are melted and cauterized together. These entities cannot be taken apart to be weighed and measured, hence we need to have data on the different components.

Electrical board

March 2022

Not much data on carpets are available, and not many know what wall to wall carpets consist of let alone how they are produced…

Coming soon

orange rug

Spring 2022

Chemicals are used in all kinds of production: textile production, metal production, wood treatment and so on. But are chemicals good or bad? How can we minimize the negative effects while still benefit from their many qualities? We have conducted a study to answer these questions.

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Colorful chemistry

Spring 2022

Textiles is a complicated material group…

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Colorful fabrics
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