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About us

MÅLBAR is founded by a team of passionate and experienced furniture and design specialists.

With MÅLBAR, we are on a journey to democratize Life Cycle Screenings within our industry and thereby providing accessible and valuable insights and knowledge about the climate emissions of our products, where to improve most efficiently, and to promote knowledge about new and promising materials.

The partnership behind MÅLBAR was created in 2020 where Anders Koefoed and Jakob Aaen was both working for the renowned, danish furniture company FDB Møbler.

Anders was head of CSR and Product Development, and Jakob was head of International Sales. During this collaboration, it became clear that our industry needs a new “language” within the area of sustainability. We simply needed a better way to communicate the impact of the positive and thoughtful decisions taken in the CSR department – this was both for internal use to lift the common knowledge as well as externally to secure better commercial excellence.

Anders had been working on a tool to do just this in more than 2 years at this time, and from this basis MÅLBAR was created.

Driven by the ambition of changing our industry for the better

Anders & Jakob Målbar
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