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Life Cycle Assessment

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Life Cycle Assessment

New guide to marketing

“Sustainable”, “environmental friendly”, “green”, “carbon neutral” – many companies throw these terms around without explaining how and why their products live up to the glorification and without having any kind of documentation on their claims.
In december last year, the Danish consumer ombudsman published a revised guide on how to comply to the law on marketing, which contains rules on how to communicate and how not to communicate your green messages. The new quick guide is very clear on the need for valid and third part verified documentation, meaning that your claims should ideally be supported by an LCA that measures on the whole lifecycle of a product. This also means that many EPD’s aren’t valid anymore because most of them only measure on parts of the product lifecycle.

The fact is that the rules are very strict and the authorities has started to keep more control with companies’ environmental marketing. If your communication – in words or illustrations:

  • May mislead consumers into thinking that your product is more sustainable or environmentally friendly than it is or
  • Forget to mention, if your product – because of its nature or other regulations in your business area – is already expected to be as sustainable as you claim or
  • Forget to mention, if your product is no better or only slightly better than the majority of its competing products

– you are breaking the law and you will not be granted the benefit of the doubt!

Download the quick guide here.

Luckily, all of our customers are acting on their green strategies by collaborating with us to document the climate impact of their products. Interested in knowing more? Get an overview of our services here.


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