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January 21, 2022

How to use Målbar in your marketing

The UK based kitchen company, HØLTE, has produced a tasteful and informing front-page video where they explain why they have chosen to work with Målbar to calculate the climate emissions of all their products. Watch

Product Environmental Footprint
January 11, 2022

New PEF rules

New rules on climate footprint calculations The European Commission presented an unexpected Christmas gift on December 16th: new, updated rules on how to calculate environmental footprints from products. The European Commission have informed us directly that there are several changes to the…

Life Cycle Assessment
January 11, 2022

New guide to marketing

"Sustainable", "environmental friendly", "green", "carbon neutral" - many companies throw these terms around without explaining how and why their products live up to the glorification and without having any kind of documentation on their claims. In december last year, the Danish consumer…

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