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Product Environmental Footprint

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Product Environmental Footprint

Why Målbar follows PEF

Målbar bases its climate calculations on the EU’s new PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) rules. These are life cycle analysis (LCA) calculation rules which the European Commission has been working on for over 10 years. The intention with PEF is for the EU to have a common calculation method for LCA to make the results on different products comparable. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible without the PEF methods.

One of the problems is that there have been no rules on how to distribute the climate emissions from animals producing several products including materials. Neither on how to fairly calculate the benefits from recycling so that both the recycler and the user of recycled materials benefit. Here, the European Commission has cut through and decided rules on how to calculate.
At Målbar, we fully support the European Commission’s great effort to provide an equal playing field on how to calculate environmental emissions. We look forward to their coming legislation on the mandatory use of PEF for LCA calculations.

You can read more about PEF and find infovideos here.

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