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As consumers, we are inundated by sustainability claims about products. It is often challenging to evaluate if the claims make a real difference for the sustainability of the product. Too many claims are more based on what we expect, instead of real facts.

Our tool

Our tool is making complex Life Cycle Screenings available and duable for every company.

By using our tool, you get access to new knowledge that used to be only for the most specialized experts in the field.

With our Screening Tool, you get full information about the climate impact af all aspects of the lifecycle, and you will be able to handle the below challenges:

  • Materials – What’s the impact of your material decisions? and what would happen if you changed a material?
  • Surface Treatment – Your choices on surface treatment – what is the impact, and can it be improved?
  • Upholstery – What is the difference between different options available?
  • Cover – Can we reduce the climate impact, without compromizing quality and look?
  • Production – Would it be better to produce in a different country? Can we make optimizations to the excisting production?
  • Packaging – What is the impact of our packaging-choises. Could we do better?
  • Transport – What is the actual impact of our supply chain? And what would be the benefit of new transportation-methods and logistics-setup?
  • Use phase – What is the impact of the use phase at the end customer
  • Disposal – What is the impact of the final disposal of the product as well as disposal of production waste.

With our tool, you can now both analyze, optimize and communicate more clearly on your choises and the effects of those.

A new and highly valuable tool in product-development, business-management and communication

Compare – the power of benchmarking

In the output package from our services, you can compare products, categories and even with relevant benchmarks from other categories.

We are on a mission to bring data and dataknowledge to the broad audience, but not many knows what a certain amount of CO2-e kg’s

is, but we can all relate to the comparison with KM driven in a family car, cups of Café Latte or hours of Streaming.

When we have data, and we start familiarizing ourselves with it, then it becomes valuable and usable for everybody.

Average car Kilometers Red steak Piece(s) 300g steak Flight Kilometers Streaming Hours Power Days powering(Avg. home) Sustainable living % weekly sustainableemissions per person Heating Days heating(Avg. home) Coffee Large Café Latte(s) 32 0.65 27 42 2.3 18 0.89 20.2

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Brundtland, 1987

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